ATL - ETP 1000SG


ATL - ETP 1000SG

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Color White

Dimension 52mm x 37mm x 71.5mm

Weight 95 g

Amperage 20 amp

Voltage 125 volt

NEMA 5-20R

Pole 2

Ground Self grounding

Wiring Configurations 3

Termination Back and Side

Screw Terminal Guard Side

Current Limiting Full rated current

Terminal Attribute Brass-Hot, Green-Ground, White-Neutral

Terminal Accommodation 10-14AWG

Body Material High Impact and Chemical Resistant Nylon

Terminal Screw Brass

Ground Screw Brass

Clamp Five-Leaf ETP Copper, 24K Gold 2 layers plated

Ground Clip One Piece, Solid Brass

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