Violet ZI MKII - 1.5M


Violet ZI MKII - 1.5M

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Developed as a high-value cable, the Violet has been a runaway success. It was designed to give outstanding performance for sources, Preamps, and amps.

  • Most flexible cord we make

  • Every component has been Cryo treated

  • Terminated with Ultra High quality Wattgate 15A Male Plug and Wattgate 15A IEC Connector

  • This cord can be configured for 20amp use. Email for a quote.

  • 12 AWG - 3 Copper conductor (Stranded) that has been treated for enhanced current flow. (Exclusive to the VZIMKII)

  • Meets UL and SJTW (Marked every 24in)

  • Entire assembly is demagnetized with our own proprietary system. A first in the industry!

  • Temperature range: -40ºC to +90ºC

  • Voltage rating: Tested at 1500 volts and can sustain 300 volts continuous. (Tested at over 1850 watts!)

  • Max. Amps @ 120V: 30

  • All terminations, IEC and male end are conductivity treated prior to final assembly

  • Final cord is bench tested and burned in before it goes out the door