Violet ZI MKII - Carbon Edition 1M

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Violet ZI MKII - Carbon Edition 1M


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Developed as a high-value cable, the Violet has been a runaway success. It was designed to give outstanding performance for sources, Preamps, and amps. 

The Carbon Edition, takes it a few steps further. The Carbon Edition features the following upgrades over and above the stock Violet ZIMKII:

  • Terminated with Wattgate's Evolution Series (Carbon Edition Exclusive)
  • Internal AWG of cord increased and features a blended mix that includes Copper, Silver & Rhodium  
  • Ground AWG is increased  
  • Full Carbon Jacket is used  
  • Terminations and key contact points are hand polished  
  • And more, but given several manufactures have attempted to copy the Violet (unsuccessfully) that is all we are saying!
  • Continues to be the most flexible cord we make
  • Every component has been Cryo treated
  • This cord can be configured for 20amp use. Email for a quote.
  • Meets UL and SJTW (Marked every 24in)
  • The entire assembly is demagnetized with our own proprietary system. A first in the industry!
  • Temperature range: -40ºC to +90ºC
  • Voltage rating: Tested at 1500 volts and can sustain 300 volts continuously. (Tested at over 1850 watts!)
  • Max. Amps @ 120V: 30
  • All terminations, IEC and male end are conductivity treated prior to final assembly
  • Final cord is bench tested and burned in before it goes out the door

The Carbon offers increased detail, speed and the majority of our beta testers reported that they found the bottom end better, but as with anything audio......everything is system specific.